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100% Polyester,TC Arabian Robe

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It is made of 100% polyester, T/C,and various styles for adults and children. The fabric is soft and comfortable. we export to Pakistan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and other countries for many years.

Uncover the mystery of Arab costumes and feel the power of inheritance

As is known to all, Arabs always wear robes without leaving their bodies. The civilians wear them everyday, and the nobles attend the feast and wear them, making the robes an uncompromising Arab national costume.

The Arabian region has a hot climate and a large wind and sand. The robes have naturally become part of the national costume culture because of their thermal and sand-proof characteristics. The robes that look like the same are actually quite a lot.

With the continuous development of society, more and more Arab young people are keen on casual wear, but one thing is certain. In every Arab wardrobe, there will always be several Arab robes that have been handed down from time to time.

Arabian Robe

Nowadays, when people travel to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other places, they can still see the Arab men in long white robes and the Arab women covered with black crepe. This kind of dress makes them always have a mysterious temperament, which means far. Far more than the clothing itself.

Arab traditional male clothing

Arab traditional male robes are usually looser, longer with ankles, and the male robes are mostly white, but also have other light colors, but no dark colors. Locally honoured men, or when attending formal events, wear a long white shawl with a shawl and a hoop around the head. When Arab men wear traditional robes, they only wear slippers and do not wear socks, which may have a lot to do with the hot climate. Even in some very formal occasions, under the gorgeous robes, the feet are only wearing leather.

Although the styles are similar, the white robes worn by Arab men are not all the same. In fact, most countries have their own specific styles and sizes. For example, the male robes known as “Gandula” have a total of no less than a dozen styles, such as: UAE, Saudi, and Sudan. , Kuwaiti, Qatar, etc., there are more Moroccan models, Afghan suits and so on.

Winter Arab men will also wear thicker fabrics. When the weather is particularly cold, they will wear a white crocheted non-small cap called "Gaffa" or "Tagya", and then cover a long white called "Gutra" Cotton, sometimes red and white wool fabric.

Arabian Robe

Arab traditional women's clothing

According to the Islamic rules, in addition to the father and brother and husband, Muslim women can not let other men see their appearance. Therefore, the Arab woman not only has to wrap her body in black robes, but also covers her face with black velvet. It is said that in traditional Muslim families, when girls grow up to sexual characteristics, as long as they appear in public places, they must wear black gauze.

Like the men's robes, the black robes worn by Arab women are innumerable in style, and each country has its own unique style and size. Among them, the Saudi style is the most conservative. After wearing it, it can cover the whole person. . However, beauty is a woman's nature. Although Arab women can't show the jade body at will, they shouldn't wear bright coats, but no one can stop them from embroidering black flowers on black robes, and they can't stop them in black robes. Put on a beautiful dress.

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