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Super Fine Denier Polyester Fabric And Rayon Fabric Arabian Robe

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It is made of 3X brushed fabric ,super fine denier polyester fabric and rayon fabric and so on,also various styles for adults and children. The fabric is soft and comfortable. we export to Pakistan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and other countries for many years.

The best variety of Arab robes is the silk robes. Men in North Africa such as Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Western Asia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc., usually like to go white from head to toe. In the eyes of Chinese people, they are like filial piety. In fact, their most fashionable clothes are silk robes, white turbans and a pair of white shoes.
The robes of Arab women are similar to those of men's robes, and they are also wide-necked with fat sleeves and long to the ground. On weekdays, Arab women have always had the habit of wearing robes. The black robes worn on the outer layer are made of real silk satin, and a robes of silk printed silk or tulle are worn inside. It looks elegant and elegant, and is regarded as the most expensive costume of the Arab woman. But there are also a few light blue, light green, and light yellow.

Arabian RobeIn many Arab countries, women from old to young, wrapped in robes from head to toe, and wearing veil, even on the hottest days, do not expose the skin. Its veil is more black silk. There are triangles, squares and pentagons.

The traditional costume of the Arab men is the Arab robe. The color of the Arabian robes is generally divided into black and white. On the holidays, the white robes are often worn in the wedding, and the black robes are used in the funeral.
Arabian robes generally have no collars, flying sleeves and wide waist, long hanging and ground, wearing cool and comfortable on the body, easy to carry. Every time a Muslim bridesday, a wedding ceremony or an official social occasion, Arab men must wear such a robe, even the highly respected head of state is no exception.
The Arabs believe that wearing the Arabian robes and arrogance will add a bit of elegance to the people, especially in formal occasions, which is more elegant and generous. This is a symbol of the dignity of the Arab nation.

Arabian RobeWhen the Arabs wear robes, they must wear a turban, which is called "Tai Zeng" in Arabic. The turban is woven with tulle, about one meter long, wrapped around from the right to the left, usually with white, and robes. The colors are harmonious. In the Arab countries, men wearing robes and turbans are respected and considered to be a sincere and faithful expression of Islam.
The women's clothing of the Arab nation is more colorful and colorful, with robes, suits, dresses and skirts. The robes are traditional costumes for Arab women.
This robes have wide waists, long sag and ground, and are usually woven with black cotton or silk. In many Arab countries, old people and young girls, all wrapped in black robes from foot to head, even in very hot weather, never reveal their arms and calves, especially cheeks and mouths are even more reluctant Being sneaked into。

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