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Casual Camouflage Fabric

The fabric has jungle camouflage, desert camouflage, digital camouflage and many color according to your requestions, can be used for casual garments with good quality and lower price.

What are the women's casual fabrics?
In fact, there are many categories of women's casual fabrics. One of the most important features is that consumers feel relaxed and comfortable, without restraint. In general, the fabrics used to make casual wear are some of the elastic, soft, and hygroscopic, breathable fabrics.
That is to say, the main fabric components used to make women's casual wear are cotton, cotton polyester, cotton brocade, tencel, polyester cotton, nylon cotton, hemp, polyester cotton and cotton polyester.
However, from the current market sales situation, casual fabrics that are more likely to attract consumers' attention include chiffon, yarn, jersey, lace, denim, cotton, silk and so on.
Most of the time, we use these fabrics to make a variety of skirts, shirts, pants and coats that women like. Under the fashion trend, women friends can enjoy the beauty of life while enjoying the leisure life.
Of course, different consumers have different preferences, and this is understandable. So when we choose casual fabrics, there may be some differences in color.
Some people like solid colors, they think that solid colors are more elegant and simple; others like printing, which makes people feel warm and lively. No matter which color of the fabric, as long as the cutting design is done well, it will win the consumer's favorite.
About casual pants fabric
1. Cotton + spandex Elastic Lycra fabric
2. Cotton + Polyester Used more than is not easy to deform than comprehensive, can be made into functional fabrics, such as quick-drying and so on.
3. Cotton + Nylon Nylon is generally used on the surface of products that need anti-wear. Nylon wear resistance is the best in synthetic fibers.
4. The fabrics or garments made by the ordinary cotton process have the disadvantages of easy color loss, shrinkage, deformation, etc. However, if they are made by special techniques, they will be avoided in the future, but the cost is higher, so if you want to have better middle and lower grade fabrics, For the shape effect, you can choose cotton/polyester fabric and add spandex (Leica) fabric with different degrees of elasticity.

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Material:100% Polyester,T/CWidth:57/58"
Supply Type:Make-to-OrderTechnics:Woven
Type:camouflage fabricUse:casual

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