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Military Camouflage Fabric

The fabric has jungle camouflage, desert camouflage, digital camouflage and many color according to your requestions, with flame retardant and waterproof function, Up to European standards,can be used for military training clothing, with good quality and lower price.

What fabric is used mainly for military camouflage uniforms? Military camouflage fabrics are generally made of chemical fiber fabrics.

Chemical fiber fabric content introduction:

Chemical fiber fabrics are new types of fabrics developed in modern times, with many types. Here mainly refers to pure spinning, blending or interlacing fabrics processed from chemical fibers, that is to say, fabrics woven from purified fibers, excluding blends and interwoven fabrics with natural fibers, and the characteristics of chemical fiber fabrics are woven into it. The properties of the chemical fiber itself are determined.

The camouflage officially installed by the Chinese military has the following types:

Jungle camouflage (general camouflage) - the most common. Green, brown, black and yellow, used for Army summer training;

Desert camouflage - yellowish than the jungle, used for military winter training;

Marine camouflage - blue, black, grass green, white, for the Marine Corps;

Urban camouflage - black, gray, white, used for airborne soldiers;

Plateau desert camouflage - green, brown, black and other spots, is the latest style, used for Tibetan Xinjiang plateau troops.

What is a coated camouflage fabric?

What is a coated camouflage fabric? Polyester-cotton blended, after waterproof coating printing. It is made of high-count yarn and polyester, which is fine and smooth.

Spring and autumn uniforms, using wool and polyester blended enamel, style is rough, anti-Zou Bao type. Xia Changfu, using polyester-cotton blended fabric, breathable, comfortable to wear, crisp and beautiful. The sweater is made of insect-proof and anti-shrinking pure wool yarn, which can be worn outside and can be washed.

The officers often wear coats, and the officers use cashmere coats, which are light and soft. Schools and eunuchs use wool-polyester blended breeches to keep them warm and windproof. Training uniforms, training coats: wear-resistant twill, strong and durable.

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Material:100% Polyester,T/CWidth:57/58"
Supply Type:Make-to-OrderTechnics:Woven
Type:camouflage fabricFeature: flame retardance,Anti-Static, waterproof
Pattern:PrintedUse:Garment, Military
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