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Functional Fabric Flame Retardant

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What is the functional fabric?

Functional fabric of textile fabric, this is a new type of fabric. Functional fabrics are a new type of fabric developed by people today. They are very diverse in variety, functional, and wide-ranging, and they have a lot of help and effect on people's daily lives.we are function fabric wholesale,you can know it.

So what is the functional fabric and what are its characteristics? This article will give you a brief introduction!

First, the introduction of functional fabrics

The so-called functional fabric is actually a new type of fabric formed by changing the properties of the fabric, adding functional materials, adding various preparations and processes during the production process and finishing.

This kind of fabric has a very special effect and superior performance compared with the general fabric, and these properties and the left and right are also common in the fabrics that are common in our lives.

Second, functional fabric features

Functional fabrics are characterized by the uniqueness and functionality of this fabric. Compared with other general apparel fabrics, this fabric has a very special role and superior performance. For example, in outdoor sports, the garment made of this fabric has a strong protective effect, which can make people explore and be bad. The environment can also get protection from clothes. Third, what are the functional fabrics?

The types of functional fabrics on the market today are still very rich, just like our bedding fabrics, so in fact people are very familiar with this fabric in real life. The main functional fabrics at present are mainly quick-drying fabrics, UV-resistant fabrics, waterproof and breathable fabrics, wind-proof fleece fabrics and fleece fabrics.

In addition, some people also said that functional fabrics also contain flame retardant fabrics and color-changing fabrics. Ultra-waterproof fabrics, anti-static fabrics, thermal insulation fabrics, waterproof and moisture-permeable functional fabrics, etc.

Advantages and categories of functional fabrics

Functional fabric classification - quick-drying fabric

1.The clothing wearing this fabric is very comfortable, and it does not feel the discomfort caused by sweat during exercise;

2.This fabric can make the sweat on the body discharge to the surface of the clothes faster;

3.It uses special weave to export excess sweat from the skin surface to the outer layer of the fabric;

Functional fabric classification - UV protection fabric

1.The clothing wearing this fabric does not have to worry about the skin being sunburned by Sun Sa;

2.This fabric UV protection function (UPF 30+) can better protect the skin from UV rays;

3.The woven or woven sunscreen material relies on the transfer, absorption and reflection of UV rays from the fabric;

Functional fabric classification - waterproof, breathable fabric

1.Wear clothes made of this fabric for outdoor sports, even if you encounter heavy rain, you don't have to worry about being wet by the rain;

2.Polyurethane coating, PU coating, rainproof, breathable;

3.The coating has good water resistance and gas permeability, and has water resistance? The performance is stable in the temperature range of -250 ° C ~ +260 ° C;

4.Three-layer structure----outer layer, light and wear-resistant soft nylon. Middle layer, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene material. Very light and very thin coating, ePTFE coating, inner layer, lining, protective coating and prevent adhesion to clothing;

Functional fabric classification - windproof fleece fabric

1.It can meet the requirements of outdoor athletes for wind protection and warmth in cold weather;

2.Has excellent wind and warmth performance;

3.It is a windproof fleece fabric unique to TNF;

Functional fabric classification - fleece fabric

1.In the cold winter outdoors? Can meet the athletes' requirements for warmth;

2.It is a fabric with excellent thermal insulation properties.

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