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Functional fabric introduction

(1)Radiation protection fabric

There are two main types of radiation protection fabrics on the market.

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1, metal fiber fabric 2, metallized fabric

Metal fiber fabric:

The stainless steel metal is drawn into a very fine and fine filament and then blended with the fabric fibers.

The wire and fiber are mixed together. The benefit of this fabric is that it is breathable. It looks no different from ordinary fabrics. But after the fabric burns, it will leave a metal mesh. Can be washed.

Protection is suitable for family watching TV, office work. Under normal circumstances, it can play a good role in protection and protection.

The scented radiation protection clothing of Star Baby Shopping Network is made using this type of fabric.

Metallized fabric:

The method of using electrolysis is that the metal is penetrated into the interior of the fabric to form a metal conductor, thereby achieving electromagnetic shielding.

The advantage is: strong protection, suitable for telecom transmitter room.

The disadvantage is that the fabric is relatively thick and the gas permeability is not very good. It is suitable for places close to telecom high-power launching stations and other related high-power radiation. The fabric cannot be washed. General manufacturers are made detachable. The radiation-proof fabric part can be removed.

(2)Antibacterial and deodorant fiber fabric

In 1955, Japan successfully developed an antibacterial fiber fabric. Metals or salts can destroy the metabolic function of bacterial cell membranes, leading to bacterial death and thus sterilization. In recent years, many other inorganic and organic antibacterial agents have been developed to impart antibacterial and deodorant properties to fiber fabrics and textiles through blending, composite spinning or finishing [1]. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, antibacterial and deodorant fiber fabrics and textiles have great development prospects.

(3)Electromagnetic wave shielding fiber fabric

With the popularization of office and household appliances such as mobile phones, computers and microwave ovens, the harm of electromagnetic radiation has become increasingly prominent. In order to protect the human body from or minimize the harm of electromagnetic radiation, the electromagnetic radiation source can be shielded to reduce its radiation amount; it can also be self-protected by wearing an effective anti-electromagnetic radiation protection fabric.

(4)Medical functional fiber fabric

Medical functional fiber is the product of the intersection of life science and material science, and is an important material basis for the development of modern clinical medicine. Medical functional fibers have been applied to different degrees in surgical transplantation, artificial organs in vitro, and medical accessories.

(5)Far-infrared functional fiber fabric

The far-infrared fiber fabric has excellent health care treatment, moisture venting and bacteriostatic function. It can absorb the heat emitted by the body itself, absorb and emit far-infrared rays of the wavelength most needed by the human body, promote blood circulation and maintain warmth. . The ideal far-infrared fabric has good insulation, antibacterial and physiotherapy functions. At present, far-infrared textiles developed at home and abroad mainly include underwear, pants and mats.

(6)Smart fiber fabric

At present, the intelligent textiles developed by using intelligent fibers mainly include automatic color-changing garments, automatic temperature-adjusting garments, "smart t-shirts" with "perception" and adaptive protective clothing. Photochromic fibers and thermochromic fibers can be made into smart ski jackets, jackets, blouses, dresses and hats that change color as the light inside and outside the room changes. This kind of clothing is popular among consumers because of its good light, thermal discoloration and novelty. With adaptive temperature-controlled garments, the temperature can change with changes in human body and ambient temperature, and can protect the body without changing or changing the load on the load. The "smart T-shirt" woven from plastic optical fiber and conductive fiber can help medical staff to monitor physiological indexes such as heartbeat, body temperature, blood pressure and breathing. It can also be used by monitors to understand and master athletes, astronauts and pilots. In physical condition, it can also be made into baby pajamas to monitor the baby's breathing and prevent the baby from suffocating and dying during sleep. The United States has developed a new type of smart protective clothing that automatically sends out an alarm signal after scratching, which can better protect the safety of workers in a radioactive and toxic environment.

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