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Printed Medical Fabric

 Medical Fabric Manufacturer,Medical Fabric Supplies,Medical Fabric For Sale

The fabric can be printed and also as your requirements,It can resistant bleaching, anti-microbial, breathable, environmentally and soft, can be used as a nurse's clothing, medical clothing, medical sheets and covers.we  are medical fabric manufacturer.

What fabrics do nurses wear in summer?

What fabrics do nurses wear in summer? Selection of summer nurses' fabrics: According to the special nurse medical fabrics, 65 percent of cotton fabrics are made of polyester-cotton fabrics. This fabric is suitable for summer cleaning and can also highlight the nurses' body. Advantage.We are provide medical fabric,you can know it. 

Usually, summer nurses' design is simple and generous, pure, so that they can reflect the professional characteristics of the nurses themselves. At the same time, when choosing fabrics, they should also choose not to wrinkle easily. It is not easy for static electricity to pilling. It also has a good antibacterial and antibacterial fabric, which can facilitate the comfort needs of summer nurses, and also improve the safety foundation between nurses and patients.

Summer has arrived. In the hot season, it is obvious that nurses should wear them more coolly, so that they can work easily. At the same time, there are many hospitals in the selection of nurses' clothing, and the corresponding design types are selected to ensure the nurses. The cool summer season also makes the nurses become a different style of summer hospitals. How should the nurses' clothing in summer be designed? How should the nurses themselves be better?we  are medical fabric manufacturer.

Summer nurse uniforms should be professionally designed on the collar type, choose a delicate and compact suit neckline, the neckline is comfortable and natural, and the bitterness is moderate, while the design is chic, and the small collar can highlight the small face of the nurses and make the nurses look It is more pure.

 The summer nurse suit design is cool and simple, and the suit design style is quite wide and has a prominent shape.

Why is the doctor's suit in the hospital white?

 Doctors wear white as a whole, clean and tidy, and because of the long-term work of doctors in medical institutions, due to long-term contamination of various bacteria, there will be too many symptoms of cleansing.

Therefore, most of the time, hospitals use white doctor's suits for doctors to wear, and in some large medical institutions, doctors' clothes are regularly disinfected regularly, and the disinfectants used mostly make colored clothes. Decolorization, resulting in the phenomenon of spotting, in order to better avoid this situation, therefore, most of the doctor's suits in the hospital will choose white fabric to customize it.we  are medical fabric manufacturer.

Medical Fabric Price List
NumberNameSpecificationCompositionWidthGSMPrice  FOB (per/yard)
1bleach21X21 108X58T/C  65/3557/58"

2pink23X23 104X61T/C 65/35USD1.27
3green23X23 100X52T/C 65/35USD1.18
421X21 100X50T/C  65/35USD1.33

Since doctors will receive different patients most of the time, choose a white doctor's suit, and part of the reason is because the white color is softer, so it will not stimulate the overall mood of the patients to see the disease, and will not stimulate the patient. The nervous system, so that its state of mind is peaceful, and finally the treatment of the condition in time with the doctor's advice.

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 Medical Fabric Manufacturer,Medical Fabric Supplies,Medical Fabric For Sale

Material:100% cotton,T/CWidth:57/58"
Supply Type:Make-to-OrderTechnics:Woven
Type: fabric for medical careFeature:anti-microbial,resistant bleaching, environmentally  
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