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If the printed fabric company makes a relatively large piece of the product, it is necessary to test the fabric, provide the data of the retraction, and make appropriate adjustments (grading) according to the fabric.
In addition, due to the reduction of the fabric, the available amount is reduced, and the loss is increased when the bill is consumed or when the material is fixed, and the loss is increased by 3% when the material is fixed. It is mostly used for table cloth, underwear, suspenders and pajamas for girl bras.
After finishing, the printed fabric blanks are soft, shiny and non-static. The products are suitable for making suits, windbreakers, leather garments, etc. The printed fabric company expresses its style with rayon. It has the advantages of soft and smooth handfeel, not easy to fade and wrinkle, bright and lustrous, strong fastness, etc. It is not only suitable for lining of casual wear and Tang suit, but also fashionable bags. Lining cloth.
Printed fabric This kind of clothing wear has the advantages of not easily deforming and not fading, and is free from ironing. The printed fabric company has a uniform layer of even plush on the surface of the washed cotton fabric. According to the style and performance, the composition of the fabric will be different. It can't be said which one is better or which one is not good. For example, the composition of chiffon fabric is more polyester, but it is very popular because everyone likes it. The fabric is smooth and sleek, and it is very ladylike.

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