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Printing Fabric Design

Operating process
Blue prints have been in circulation for a long time since ancient times. The modern production process of blue prints is certainly not the same as that of ancient times. Can you understand the ancient crafts?
Nantong folk blue print began in the Ming Dynasty and spread to the present.
After the unremitting efforts of generations of folk artists, especially contemporary folk craftsmen, from a single piece of local cloth products to a variety of fabric products, from life practical to practical, decorative and other types, from the field to the city of the city, to reach It has never been more brilliant.
Extract the blue dye (indigo) from the indigo grass, then spread the hollow flower plate on the white cloth, scrape the anti-staining agent into the pattern gap with the squeegee and print it on the cloth surface. After about 20 minutes, the cylinder is oxidized and ventilated for about 30 minutes, and is usually dyed repeatedly for about 6 times to achieve the desired color.
Then take it out and oxidize in the air, dry it and scrape off the anti-staining powder, which shows a blue-and-white pattern. Because it is all hand-dyed and dyed, the dried pulp will inevitably have some cracks, forming the unique charm of the handmade blue print cloth - ice crack, so the protection of traditional techniques is imminent, the pattern of blue printed cloth is auspicious and festive, for the past three hundred years. It is popular with the civilians.
The ancient operation process of the blue printed fabric is not complicated and modern, but the crafts are all inherited from the past. Without the ancient craft as the "pioneer", there is no modern advanced technology.

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