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The creative technique of color printed cloth is a kind of engraving. All the leaves and leaves on the color printing cloth need to be cut out with little knives on the cowhide with the outline of the pattern.
The printing and dyeing technique of Tongxiang blue printed cloth inherits the ancient engraving and anti-staining printing technique. The main process flow is four: First, design the desired pattern and draw the pattern on a special paper plate. Use a knife to engrave the pattern into a transparent flower plate.
Secondly, the hollow flower plate is spread on the fabric to be dyed, and the anti-staining pulp synthesized by the lime and the soybean powder is scraped into the gap of the flower plate by the scraper to make the slurry leak on the cloth surface. Next, the cloth with the anti-staining ash is dried and placed in an indigo dyeing tank for dyeing. Finally, the dyed fabric is taken out from the dyeing tank, and the water is squeezed out to dry, and after drying, the slurry is scraped off, and the product is finished after finishing.
The printed fabric has been developed from the original single-sided printing to double-sided printing, from monochrome to complex color, from small cloth to wide cloth, from soil cloth to fine cotton, cotton and linen blend, silk and so on.
There are also more and more varieties of flowers and colors, and blue-printed curtains, wall hangings, tablecloths, shoes and hats, satchels, toys and other crafts, especially blue print fabrics, have become a beautiful landscape in the city.
The color of the printed cloth is also asked by a university. The color matching, the color transition, the contrast between light and dark, the color is as many as dozens, and the color printed cloth has the saying of “seven red, eight green and twelve blue”. The complexity is complicated. Only the color is well matched. The whole picture can be colorful, bright and dazzling, and the layers are distinct and harmonious.

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