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100% Polyester Work Wear Uniform Fabric

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The fabric has 100% polyester,twill, plain weave, yarn card, elastic cloth and other varieties, the fabric is sturdy and durable,it can be waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, anti-static, resin anti-wrinkle and flame retardant, can be used for shirts, shirts, pants, and other kinds of workwear uniform , school uniform and casual wear.

Black, white, gray overalls matching method

When custom-made work clothes, many companies have chosen black, white and gray colors. These clothes are seen by many people. How to wear them is like this. There is really no sense of freshness, so many employees are unwilling to wear them. Work clothes, in fact, these are not problems, as long as you can learn to match, work clothes can still wear new colors!

In traditional fabrics, the three colors of black, white and gray are not ordinary. They are generally used on soft women's fabrics, which can reflect the gentle and pleasant side of women, so that such colors can be used by women. Accepted, naturally there is a certain truth, then our work clothes are also such a color, can we not wear new tricks?

In fact, as long as you learn to match properly, pay attention to the color, shape and style of the overalls and shoes and pants, then your overalls can still wear your unique style, which is considered by many companies when customizing their overalls. The thing that comes.

Standard for antifouling overalls

There are various requirements for special functions in the custom-made workwear, such as anti-static, anti-bacterial, waterproof, anti-fouling overalls, etc. So how do these functions come out? The following small series will tell you about them. Customized standards for anti-fouling overalls, only to meet such custom conditions, such anti-fouling overalls can truly achieve the anti-fouling function!

First of all, the fabric of the anti-fouling overalls is different from other ordinary overalls. Its fabric is made of special equipment to press polyester and PTFE. Therefore, it has some special features compared to other overalls. Function, and because 100% pure polyester silk is customized, it is extremely convenient to wear, and it is not easy to scratch, and has high wear resistance.

It is precisely because of these characteristics that many companies now like to customize such antifouling uniforms for employees. Recently, Xiaobian has received several requests from customers. Now more and more companies are choosing antifouling uniforms. This is not only because it is not easy to get dirty, but also because it is not easy for employees to get stains on the product when it is produced! Does your company also make anti-fouling overalls?

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workwear fabric price list
NumberNameSpecificationCompositionWidthGSMPrice  FOB (per/yard)
1spandex poplin30x32+40D 130X70100% cotton56/58"USD1.93
2spandex poplin40x40+40D 133x72C/SP 98/257/58"USD1.60
3spandex twill32X32+40D 116X70100% cotton56/57"USD1.87
4spandex drill21x21+70D 110X4897%cotton 3%spandex56/58"237USD1.86
   tin word format
40x40+40D 146x8452/54"145USD1.70
6spantex twill   3/132X32+40D 108X56100% cotton57"USD1.67
7drill16x12 108x56100% cotton57/58"USD1.94
8canvas16+16x12+12 108x56100% cotton57/58"USD1.96
916X12 108X56CVC 60X4057/58"USD2.02
10twill20x10 120x60100% COTTON43/44"USD1.82
11drill20X16 120X60CVC 60/4057/58"USD1.74
12drill20x16 128x60100% cotton57/58"USD1.78
13twill20x20 108x58100% cotton57/58"USD1.59
14canvas21/2X10 72X40100% cotton57/58"USD1.88
15drill21x21 108x58100% cotton57/58"USD1.56
1621x21 60x58100% cotton57/58"USD1.29
17blue21X21 108X58CVC 60/4057/58"USD1.55
1830x30 68x68100% cotton57/58"USD1.24
19anti-static32/2X16 96X48100% cottonUSD1.81
202/1 twill32x32 130x70100% cotton57/58"144USD1.38
21twill32x32 130x70CVC 60/4057/58"USD1.38
22twill32x21 133x78100% cotton59/60"USD1.68
23reactive printing40x40 100x70100% cotton150cmUSD1.26
24coat printing40x40 110x70100% cottonUSD1.29
25poplin40x40 110x70rayon56/57"USD1.20
26poplin40x40 133x72100% cotton57/58"USD1.33
27poplin40x40 133x100100% cotton57/58"USD1.66
2860x60 90x88100% cotton55/56"USD1.01

Work Wear Uniform Fabric,Workwear Fabric Manufacturer,Uniform Fabric Supplies,Workwear Fabric For Sale,Uniform Fabric Exporter

Material:100% polyesterWidth:57/58"
Supply Type:Make-to-OrderTechnics:Woven
Type:fabric for work wearUse:uniform
Style:twill, plain , yarn card, elastic clothDensity:72x40
Yarn Count:21X21/10 
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