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Fabric basics

This section explains in detail the characteristics, classification and identification of fabrics. For the average person, just know about it (because the content is too much... so this part can be ignored.)

I. Characteristics of the fabric - Each fabric has its own characteristics, which is its own condition and performance.we are towelling fabric wholesale and provide work wear uniform fabric,you can know it.

The characteristics of the material can be divided into raw fiber raw materials, weaving, texture, weight, hand feeling, finishing wear and cleaning performance.

Briefly explain the weave, texture, weight and wearing performance of the fabric.

1. Weaving: The fabric includes woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. Most of our garments are made of woven fabrics. The most common woven fabrics are plain weaves, twills, etc., which means that the yarns are intertwined in a row. Structure, related to the texture, care and feel of the fabric.

2, texture: each material has its own organizational structure, due to the different materials and weave, resulting in different tactile / visual effects.

Such as: smooth glossy cotton, soft and light yarn. An original cosplay dress pays great attention to texture, so be careful when choosing a fabric. It is best to discuss the cutting method and materials with the tailor.

3. Weight: The weight of the cloth usually refers to G/M, (how many grams per meter). Needless to say, this is to choose a lighter fabric, and vice versa.

For example, outerwear, skirts, pants, etc. use more heavy fabrics, while shirts use lighter fabrics. In addition, fabrics have a close relationship with the seasons. Autumn and winter will basically use heavy fabrics. On the lighter fabric.

4, wearing and cleaning performance: wearing performance is whether the clothes are durable, cleaning performance refers to whether the clothes can be machine washed or need to wash or dry clean.

This is important for everyday clothes, but for cosplay clothes, it is generally negligible.

Sometimes it is necessary to use a very troublesome fabric in order to achieve the original BT effect, and the clothes are not often worn, and the convenience of wearing and cleaning is sacrificed.

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