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How to transform clothing fabric into shocking clothing design?

The re-creation of apparel fabrics is also called the secondary treatment of apparel fabrics, which is an important means of fashion design. The development and creation of fabrics in fashion design works can present a variety of surface features, reflecting the changes in the details of the overall design, greatly expanding the scope of application of the fabric.

Fabric re-engineering is a creative fabric design. Its design principle is based on the “three major components” and “basic pattern”. Accurately speaking, the concept of three-dimensional composition is implemented in the second creation of materials. The application of the three major components is also the precipitation and exertion of various art categories. The fabric re-engineering under the guidance of the “three major components” of the formal beauty law and the modern design foundation enables the designer to be comfortable and easy to use in his creation.we are towelling fabric wholesale and provide work wear uniform fabric,you can know it.

From the perspective of the development of the garment industry, the art of clothing has simply failed to make breakthroughs and innovations in its styling structure. Therefore, the development and innovation of clothing materials has become more and more important. The trend of modern clothing design is the era of material design, the creative design of competition materials, and the design features of materials. The redesign of apparel fabrics has undoubtedly added new highlights to fashion design.

Clothing fabric processing method

The methods generally used are: stacking, shirring, lamination, embossing, pleating, pleating, etc. Most of them are used in the partial design of the garment, and also used in the whole fabric.

Addition treatment of fabric form: Generally, it is a three-dimensional, multi-layered process formed by bonding, hot pressing, sewing, filling, hanging, embroidering, etc. on the basis of existing fabrics with single or two or more materials. design effect. Such as: a variety of beads, sequins, decals, plate embroidery, velvet embroidery, embroidery, nano-seam, metal rivets, stacking and other materials.

Reduction of fabric form: Destroy existing fabrics according to design concept, such as: hollowing, burning, rotten flowers, spinning, shearing, sanding, etc., forming a patchwork, real and virtual effect.

The crocheting of the fabric form: a variety of fiber and crochet techniques, such as different texture lines, ropes, leather strips, belts, decorative lace, crocheted or braided, etc., combined into a variety of creative The work forms a convex, concave, interlaced, continuous, contrasting visual effect.

Comprehensive treatment of fabric form: In the process of remanufacturing fabrics, a variety of processing methods are often used, such as: shearing and superposition, embroidering and hollowing out, etc., and flexible use of the integrated design method will make the fabric look more Rich, creating a unique texture and visual effect.

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