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New waterproof fabric

With the development of society, new fabrics have been widely used. Waterproof fabrics are deeply loved by everyone because of their unique thermal waterproof performance. Xinke Special Textile Co., Ltd. always pays attention to the dynamics of waterproof fabrics, and now there are new waterproof fabrics to be studied. Come out, Shinco will take you into the world of new waterproof fabrics.

Waterproof fabrics in the eyes of the public, as the name suggests, are rain and snow, and water cannot penetrate into the clothes. But now this view needs to change.

Example: water pants. (commonly known as fishing pants). The fishing method in our country is fishing. People are standing or sitting on the shore. There are many fishing methods abroad, a large proportion of which is river fishing, and people are standing in the stream.we are towelling fabric wholesale and provide work wear uniform fabric,you can know it.

In this case, the requirement for the clothing to be worn is 100% waterproof, that is to say there is no point of leakage. The detection standard of the water pants is very strict. After the garment is made, it is inflated, and after the inflation hole is tied, it is completely immersed in the water, so that there is no gas overflow, just like we usually repair the bicycle tire and check the air hole. Therefore, the fabric of the water pants must be 100% waterproof. The test standard for general anti-splash fabrics is AATCC-127. It is obviously not suitable for the test of fishing pants when it is judged whether it is qualified or not after the third point of water drops.

The waterproof fabric is capable of withstanding a certain water pressure to withstand the pressure of the water to judge the quality of the fabric.

Over the years, our company has accumulated rich experience in the industry, and has continuously absorbed scientific and technical talents and management talents. It has successfully cooperated with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad to provide customers with a variety of high-efficiency packaging equipment. In the domestic and foreign markets, it has covered a complete sales service network system, and the after-sales service is timely, accurate and efficient. High quality product quality and efficient after-sales service

The company has won a good reputation and has won the reputation of many well-known companies as packaging suppliers.

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the company insists on deepening enterprise reform, adapting to the market economy development situation, and pursuing the principle of “quality is capital, reputation is life, continuously improve product quality and develop new products to meet market demand.

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