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What are the characteristics of various types of fabrics burning?

The quality of the fabric has a certain relationship with the comfort and health of our wear. we are provide cheap arabian robe,you can know it. So, the quality of some common fabrics, can we use the combustion method to distinguish them as ordinary consumers?

1. Cotton and linen fabrics

All kinds of textile fibers will show different phenomena and characteristics when burning. The high-quality cotton and hemp fabrics produced will not shrink when they are close to the flame. They will burn quickly after contact with the flame, and will continue to burn after leaving the flame. It emits a smell similar to burning paper, in addition to a small amount of grayish white ash.

2, wool, silk fabrics

When producing wool and silk fabrics, the high-quality fabric will shrink when it is close to the flame but will not melt. It will burn immediately after contact with the flame. After leaving, it will continue to burn slowly or extinguish itself. When burning, it will emit fire. Smell, and has a loose and brittle black irregular block or small globular ash.

3, polyester fabric

The polyester fabric produced is a kind of fabric which is widely used now. It has the following characteristics when burning. The high-quality polyester fabric shrinks and melts when it is close to the flame. When it comes into contact with the flame, it will melt and burn and continue to burn after leaving the flame. In addition, it has an aromatic odor and a hard brown beaded ash.

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