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What is the printed fabric?

What is the printed fabric? Xiao Bian recently heard many people to check the related issues of printed fabrics, so today, Xiaobian is here to talk about the knowledge of printed fabrics, and the advantages of printed fabrics. Everyone listed, are you ready?we are printed fabric for sale and pocket fabric supplies,you can know it.

The printed cloth is made by high-temperature printing and dyeing of grey cloth printing paper. It was very popular in the Tang and Song Dynasties and reached its peak in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. I have been deeply loved by people, and I have been used as a must-have for dowry and clothes.

The pattern on the printed fabric is called the platform of the tile, flower and flower creative sharing.

The printed cloth can be divided into transfer printing and infiltration printing according to different processes.

According to the different process equipment of printing, it can be divided into:

The first type: handmade printed cloth. Including tie dyeing, batik, hand-painted, ligature, handmade platen printing, etc.

Second: paper printing

The third type: machine printing cloth:

—— A, roller printing.

——B, screen printing. (including flat screen printing, rotary screen printing)

——C, transfer printing cloth.

——D, other printed cloth: inkjet printing, hot flowering, flocking printing, electrostatic printing, dyeing, dyeing, burnt, etc.

Operating process

Blue prints have been in circulation for a long time since ancient times. The modern production process of blue prints is certainly not the same as that of ancient times. Can you understand the ancient crafts?

Nantong folk blue print began in the Ming Dynasty and spread to the present. After the unremitting efforts of generations of folk artists, especially contemporary folk craftsmen, from a single piece of local cloth products to a variety of fabric products, from life practical to practical, decorative and other types, from the field to the city of the city, to reach It has never been more brilliant.

It is prepared by dyeing into a color paste directly on a white or light-colored fabric to form a pattern, which is simple in process, low in cost and most used. Common printing methods include flat screen printing, rotary screen printing, transfer printing, and the like.

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