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Autumn clothing, cotton fabrics, marketing highlights

Recently, the spot sales of summer cotton fabrics in China's textile city market have been declining day by day, and sales have fluctuated and retracted.We are medical fabric manufacturer and the best medical fabric manufacturer,you can know it.

However, the local cotton fabrics in the autumn have increased in number, and the creative style fabrics have been favored by the secondary market counterparts of North and South merchants and apparel manufacturers. Local marketing is relatively active and has become a marketing highlight.

In the recent market, the orders for autumn cotton fabrics were partially active, and the orders for nylon and cotton leisure fabrics increased. 150D nylon silk × 21S / C double latitude cotton fabric, 150D nylon silk × 32S / C cotton cotton imitation silk fashion cloth, the bureaus and municipalities also use flat dyeing as the leading product, each with small batches of multiple batches of transactions, bureau Departmental spot transactions and orders are sent together.

Autumn cotton fabrics and nylon cotton casual fabrics are in the market, and the orders are partially increased. The orders are partially small and medium-sized, and the counterparts are added to the market. 32S/C×100D nylon yarn+40D spandex silk cotton weft Medium-thick autumn fabric, 32S/C×140D nylon silk+40D spandex silk cotton weft elastic satin medium-thick autumn fabric, which is better than other varieties due to its feel and quality, and has been placed in bulk by domestic garment manufacturers. There has also been an increase in the number of foreign-invested orders placed by foreign counterparts.

China's textile and garment industry exports to Japan have declined or have hidden feelings?

The downturn in spending has affected the sales of Japanese clothing companies, and the problem of the accumulation of merchants' stocks in China's textile enterprises is short-lived and eager, and the order volume is greatly reduced.

Low-end orders flow to Southeast Asian countries

Zhou Yuenan, the new revenue and expenditure company in Tianjin, hinted that last winter, there was a warm winter in Japan. Many winter clothing companies in Japanese clothing companies did not sell out, which caused a lot of pressure on inventory. Therefore, this year's purchase volume will drop, coupled with the late arrival this spring, affecting the spring time of the market. Many Japanese clothing companies are afraid to place orders because of the constant nature of the market. These identities have more or less affected the company's order taking situation. Some industry insiders pointed out that high stocks have already stimulated such a sign. The Japanese buyers have deposited the warehouses in China, and they will be shipped from China in batches.

In reality, in the past few years, the Japanese textile and garment industry has always been corresponding to the growth goal of “China +1”, that is, to find a foundry base that can undertake textile and apparel orders in Southeast Asian countries outside China. The Japanese clothing industry has recently sent information. Due to concerns about the impact of rising labor costs in China, Japan's comprehensive trading companies and trading companies are competing to expand Southeast Asia's apparel production and procurement. Mitsui & Co., Ltd. has selected mutual aid workshops in countries such as Myanmar, and intends to increase the ratio of foreign production in Southeast Asia from 20% to 40%.

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