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Fabric selection and precautions for overalls

Every company attaches great importance to the custom-made work clothes, not only because of the nature of the industry, but also the work clothes represent the image of the company. Comfort, beauty, fit, and generosity are important. More importantly, a group of people in overalls must have normal activities when they work.we are workwear fabric for sale and the best workwear fabric for sale,you can know it.

The waist is the active part of the trunk, and the amplitude of the flexion and extension is relatively large. Therefore, the waist of the shirt must be loose, but not too short.

In order to avoid bending when not bending; the waist of the bottom can not be too loose, so as not to fall off during exercise. The upper limb movement is based on the elbow, and the movement is complicated. When the flexion is reached, the forearm can be nearly folded in half, so the upper part of the sleeve has a large loose amount.

At the same time, the combination of the upper end of the sleeve and the shoulder, the ankle, and the back of the piece must also have a greater degree of looseness. There are also a lot of movements of the lower limbs. The knee joint is the axis, walking, stepping, squatting, sitting, jumping, etc. Therefore, the pants of the lower garment should have a certain amount of relaxation than the circumference of the thigh to adapt to the calf and thigh. Tortuous action requirements.

What are the fabrics of overalls?

Consider the nature of the job, the position, the style of the workwear, and the seasonal factors.

If it is autumn and winter, take the bank overalls as an example. The jacket is usually polyester/wool, and the shirt is polyester/cotton or cotton.

There are also work clothes without wool, which is 100% polyester fiber. Others are 100% cotton, and other professions need to wear special fabrics, such as anti-static fabrics, radiation-proof fabrics.

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