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These 5 functional fabrics are playing with high technology

These 5 functional fabrics are playing with high technology

1,super waterproof fabric

Ordinary raincoats prevent the penetration of rain, but are not conducive to the elimination of sweat and water vapor.

The moisture-permeable waterproof fabric has changed this shortcoming. By using the difference in the size of the water vapor particles and the raindrops, the porous structure film with a smaller pore diameter than the raindrops is attached to the surface of the fabric, so that the raindrops cannot pass through, while the water vapor and sweat are It can pass smoothly and is good for ventilation.

2,flame retardant fabric

The flame retardant fabric is made of spinning, weaving and dyeing of congenital flame retardant fibers. The fabric has the characteristics of flame retardant, wear-resistant, temperature-resistant, washable, acid-proof, waterproof, anti-static, strong, etc. It is suitable for making ideal fabrics for protective clothing of metallurgy, oil field, coal mine, chemical industry, electric power and fire protection industry. .

3,color changing fabric

A color-changing fabric that can change color with changes in light, heat, liquid, pressure, and electronic wires. It is prepared by sealing a color-changing material into a microcapsule and dispersing it into a resin liquid and applying it to a cloth surface.

It can be used to make transportation clothes, swimwear, etc., to play a role of security protection, but also to make stage costumes, which can play colorful and mysterious effects.

4,anti-static fabric

In the dry climate of autumn and winter, the body is easy to generate frictional static electricity with the clothing, especially in contact with polyester-containing textile fabrics.

After antistatic finishing of polyester fabric, it can reduce the volume resistance or surface resistivity of the fabric to accelerate the leakage of static electricity, eliminate the trouble of static electricity, and enhance the consumer's reputation experience for the product.

The antistatic fabric adopts the method of hydrophilic finishing or adding conductive fibers to make the fabric conductive. The fabric is not easy to absorb dust and antistatic, and is very suitable for making carpets and special overalls, such as dustproof clothes.

5,quick-drying fabric

Most of the quick-drying fabrics are made of chemical fiber fabrics, but because of the different processing techniques, they have the effect that ordinary clothes do not have.

functional fabrics manufacturer told The main function of quick-drying fabric is to quickly wick away sweat, which can be damp and warm, which helps to keep the skin dry and fresh. In particular, when it comes to outdoor sports, quick-drying fabrics can play a better role in wind, rain and moisture.

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