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What are the characteristics of printed fabrics?

What are the characteristics of printed fabrics? The advantages and disadvantages of printed fabrics; printed fabrics are one of the most characteristic in many fabrics. In the manufacture of garments, they can be seen in the home textile products. What are the characteristics of printed fabrics?we are provide printed fabric for sale,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of printed fabric for sale.

The characteristics of printed fabrics vary according to the different raw materials.

1: Printed fabric made of polyester FDY Daguang 50D*DTY75D+Spandex 40D is made of satin weave in a jet looms. The fabric is light, smooth, elastic, comfortable and shiny.

2: Polyester low-elastic silk is the raw material of printed fabric. The fabric structure adopts satin plain weave texture, which is interwoven on the air jet loom. The fabric is then treated by desizing, pre-shrinking, softening, etc., and the fabric has good air permeability. The hand feels soft and smooth.

Printed fabric This kind of clothing wear has the advantages of not easily deforming and not fading, and is free from ironing. The printed fabric company has a uniform layer of even plush on the surface of the washed cotton fabric.

According to the style and performance, the composition of the fabric will be different. It can't be said which one is better or which one is not good. For example, the composition of chiffon fabric is more polyester, but it is very popular because everyone likes it. The fabric is smooth and sleek, and it is very ladylike.

Most of the T-shirts are made of cotton, and a lot of other ingredients are added inside, in order to be comfortable in addition to cotton, but also have gloss and elasticity. Therefore, each fabric has its functionality and different characteristics, depending on what style you like to choose.

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