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What fabric is used mainly for military camouflage uniforms?

Military camouflage fabrics are generally made of chemical fiber fabrics.we are camouflage fabric factory and provide cheap arabian robe,you can know it.

Chemical fiber fabric content introduction:

Chemical fiber fabrics are new types of fabrics developed in modern times, with many types. Here mainly refers to pure spinning, blending or interlacing fabrics processed from chemical fibers, that is to say, fabrics woven from purified fibers, excluding blends and interwoven fabrics with natural fibers, and the characteristics of chemical fiber fabrics are woven into it. The properties of the chemical fiber itself are determined.

The camouflage officially installed by the Chinese military has the following types:

Jungle camouflage (general camouflage) - the most common. Green, brown, black and yellow, used for Army summer training;

Desert camouflage - yellowish than the jungle, used for military winter training;

Marine camouflage - blue, black, grass green, white, for the Marine Corps;

Urban camouflage - black, gray, white, used for airborne soldiers;

Plateau desert camouflage - green, brown, black and other spots, is the latest style, used for Tibetan Xinjiang plateau troops.

Camouflage clothing content introduction:

Camouflage clothing is a basic type of training clothes. A new type of protective color consisting of irregular patterns of green, yellow, tea, black and other colors.

The camouflage suit requires that its reflected light waves be roughly the same as those reflected by the surrounding scenes. It not only confuses the enemy's eyesight, but also counters infrared reconnaissance, making it difficult for the enemy's modern surveillance instruments to capture the target.

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