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What kinds of terry cloth fabrics are there?

Terry cloth can be divided into single-sided terry cloth, double-sided terry cloth and jacquard terry cloth, which has the characteristics of softness, comfort,good warmth and strong sweat absorption. It is generally used as a lining for bottoming shirts, pajamas, bath towels, towels, and sweaters.we are towel fabric supplies,you can know it. 

Let's take a look at the characteristics and types of terry fabrics.

The towel is a woven fabric with a pile of pile or tuft pile on the surface of the textile fiber. Generally, the cotton yarn is used as a raw material, and a small amount of blended yarn or chemical fiber yarn is mixed. It is woven from a towel weaving machine. According to the weaving method, there are two types of knitting and woven; according to the use, there are face towels, pillow covers, towel quilts, sofa towels, etc. In addition, there is a terry cloth for sewing clothes. The surface is densely packed, soft to the touch, strong in water absorption and storage, and good in wear resistance and warmth. Common colors include all-white towels, plain towels, colored towel, flower towel, silky towel, spiral towel, jacquard towel and jacquard printed towel. It can be used for brushing directly in contact with the human body. The towel was invented in Britain in 1848, and China began production in 1902 in Beijing. The loop tissue is composed of a flat stitch and a loop loop with an elongated settling arc. It is generally woven from two yarns, one yarn woven and the other yarn woven with loops. Terry tissue can be divided into two types: ordinary terry tissue and flower terry tissue, and there are also single-sided and double-sided points.

Terry cloth fabric type

Cut velvet terry cloth: It mainly cuts the loops of ordinary towels during the processing, so that the surface can form a very flat fluff, and it has fluff on both sides, so it must be cut It is also possible to cut the velvet on one side and the loop on the other.

The characteristics of the cut-down towel are mainly soft, delicate, comfortable and then printed, so that it is not only comfortable, but also a kind of enjoyment.

2.Non-crepe terry cloth: It is mainly a spinning method in which a binder is used instead of a twisting means to hold the yarn into a synthetic yarn. In the yarn forming process, the whisker must be given a false twist, and after the yarn is formed, it needs to be decomposed into a flawless yarn. The towel made of such a twistless yarn is the best, soft, and absorbent. very good.

3.Jacquard terry cloth. Yarns of various patterns, different colors or raw materials are woven into various patterns on the jacquard. The structure of the towel is complex, the pattern is delicate and delicate, and the color is colorful and changeable. The fiber raw materials, yarn fineness, fabric structure and warp and weft density are widely varied, and the design and weaving techniques are also complicated.

First, what are the characteristics of terry cloth fabric?

1.Environmental protection: It is a combination of pure natural raw materials, which is both environmentally friendly and green. It mainly uses environmentally friendly reactive dyes, and the entire production process does not contain any chemical components.

2,easy to clean: generally see water can be cleaned, machine wash is also possible. Its size is not too big, it is very simple.

3,beauty: towel cloth for face cleaning can be clean, and can prevent bacterial cross infection. Especially fiber fabrics, high density, strong adsorption capacity.

4,does not fade: it is said to use pure natural raw materials, without adding any chemical components, so there will be no color loss. Unless it is a poor quality product, it is usually not.

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