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Design work clothes should take these two factors into consideration

There are many factors to consider in the design of overalls. There are five factors that designers must consider. So, what are these five factors? Next, please take a look at the design with Tuoba Xiaobian. What are the two factors that should be considered in the overalls, I hope you can understand after reading.we are workwear fabric manufacturer and the best workwear fabric manufacturer,you can know it.

1, the choice of color. The choice of color is very knowledgeable and must be cautious. The color of a work wear should be less, not too fancy. And the color should match the color of the business owner. What is the main color of the business? When the company is doing corporate propaganda and introduction, it will choose one or several colors, the logo of the good, and then this logo is the symbol of the enterprise. This color or color combination is the corporate color.

The overall design of the overalls is to integrate the corporate color into the color of the overalls. This is not only a cultural embodiment of a company but also a propaganda of a company. A successful workwear designed to be a live advertisement wherever you go.

2, in the choice of fabrics. The choice of fabric is also an important part. If the color is the surface of the overalls, then the fabric is the essence and inner of the overall work clothes. Workers in good fabrics are comfortable, comfortable, easy to work, and add extra points to the business as a whole.

The overall fabric of the good fabric is more neat and tidy, can not afford the ball, does not wrinkle, does not fade, neat, and adds extra points to the overall style and spirit of the enterprise. There is also the ability of fabrics to cope with the dangers employees encounter at work to a certain extent, to prevent problems before they occur.

Therefore, the role of fabrics in overalls is very important. Enterprises in different industries must have a focus on designing their work clothes. For example, employees who often work in the field, workwear fabrics should be wear-resistant, and employees who are often sweating in high-temperature environments must wear high-temperature, sweat-absorbent fabrics. Different industries have different design standards, specific circumstances, specific design.

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