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How to change the textile industry to attract high-level talents

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The textile industry was once considered to be a low-end sunset industry, which led young people to be reluctant to engage in textile work. Even textile graduates who had just entered the textile industry had switched to employment. In the face of this phenomenon, the textile industry does have a lot to do, but think about our textile industry, not necessarily not recruiting young people.

Some people think that the textile industry is a sunset industry, which affects the enthusiasm of candidates for textile colleges and textiles. However, some data show that under the current economic downturn, the performance of the textile industry is still among the best in the entire Chinese industry, reflecting the industry that the textile industry still has strong vitality and industrial competitiveness.

Dressing as the basic aspiration of human survival is always a non-old industry in China with a population of 1.3 billion. At present, many developed countries have already gained new understanding of the textile industry.

In the United States, in the "re-industrialization" strategic system, textiles are listed. In April of this year, the United States "Revolutionary Fiber and Fabric Research Innovation Institute" was announced, which has become the eighth national innovation research direction in the United States. In the context of Industry 4.0, Germany has formulated a long-term revitalization plan for the textile industry, the “Future Textile Plan”, which aims to create a new stage for the textile industry in the fields of new materials, energy and information.

Intelligent innovation drives textiles to upgrade to high-tech direction. People's impression of textiles is that traditional labor-intensive industries are also undergoing changes. As the technological innovation capability of the textile industry continues to improve, advanced equipment and technology are widely used. Abandoning the traditional backward and inefficient image, the production efficiency is constantly improving. In the last century, the maximum number of spinning spindles was about 350. Nowadays, the most automated enterprises in China can reduce this index to 15 or even less. Some textile enterprises have already completed all automated production workshops, and almost no workers are seen in the entire workshop.

Therefore, textile is no longer a traditional industry, and “tradition” is becoming “emerging”. In the traditional concept, the textile industry products mainly refer to garments. With the continuous innovation of textile materials technology, the field of fiber application continues to expand. The three major categories of clothing, home textiles and industrial textiles are equally divided, especially the position of industrial textiles in the textile industry. The more important it is, it has been widely used in geotechnical construction, safety protection, medical and health, transportation, environmental protection, agriculture, mining, aerospace, packaging and other fields. In particular, high-performance fibers and new textile materials have been included in the strategic emerging industries.

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