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How to check the quality of medical fabrics

The quality of medical fabrics directly affects the protective effect and comfort of fabrics, and the image of medical staff. we are medical fabric manufacturer and the best medical fabric manufacturer,you can know it.

As a special functional fabric, medical fabrics must be carefully identified when selecting. So how to check the quality of medical fabrics?

1. Check if the medical fabric is damaged

Check all parts of the medical fabric for off-line, breakage, and abrasion. Medical fabric openings, fading, etc. are unqualified.

2. Whether there is serious color difference in medical fabrics

The standard color of medical fabrics will be very beautiful. If it is far from the standard color, it will definitely affect the aesthetics of medical clothing. The color difference rule is the requirement for raw materials, that is, the requirements for custom medical clothing fabrics. According to the specified color difference standard, the upper collar of the garment, the fabric of the bag and the side seam of the trousers are the main parts, the chromatic aberration should be higher than the fourth level, and the other chromatic aberration surface parts are four. Our color difference inspection tool for medical clothing is tested by dyeing fastness fading.

3. Sewing line inspection of medical fabrics

The sewing thread of each sewing part is not bent at will, and must meet the modeling requirements of custom medical garments; the tightness of stitching should be compatible with the thickness and texture of the fabric; the requirements of the stacked parts are basically the same; the lines should be neat, do not overlap, and have no throwing The thread, the non-jumping needle and the stitching are clear and beautiful; the starting and stopping needles of the sewing should be firm, the length of the thread should be appropriate, and there is no leakage or off-line.

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