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How to distinguish the front and back of the fabric

(1)The pattern and color of the front surface of the general fabric are clearer and more beautiful than the reverse side.we are camouflage fabric factory and provide cheap arabian robe,you can know it.

(2)Fabrics with a stripe appearance and color scheme fabrics, the frontal pattern must be clear and pleasing.

(3)ribs and embossed fabrics, the front surface is tight and delicate, with strips or pattern embossing; and the reverse side is rough and has a long floating line.

(4)Fleece fabric: fabric with one side fluffing, the plush side is front. The fabric with double-faced fluffing is made of a smooth, neat side of the fabric.

(5)Observe the edge of the fabric, and the smooth and neat side of the fabric is the front of the fabric.

(6)Double-layer, multi-layer fabrics. If the warp and weft density of the front and back sides are different, it is generally preferred that the front side has a larger density or a positive material.

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camouflage fabric factory and provide cheap arabian robe


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