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Towelling Fabric Manufacturer China

Towelling Fabric Manufacturer China

The loop tissue is composed of a flat stitch and a loop loop with an elongated settling arc. It is generally woven from two yarns, one yarn woven and the other yarn woven with loops.

Terry tissue can be divided into two types: ordinary terry tissue and flower terry tissue, and there are also single-sided and double-sided points.


1.Single-faced terry cloth: A knitted fabric in which an annular loop of yarn is erected on one side of the fabric. It consists of a combination of a flat stitch and a loop coil with an elongated sinker. The single-faced terry cloth has a soft handfeel, good elongation, elasticity, wrinkle resistance, warmth retention and moisture absorption. It is often used to make long-sleeved shirts and short-sleeved shirts. It is suitable for wearing in late spring and early summer or early autumn. It can also be used for sewing. Pajamas.

2.Double-sided terry cloth: A knitted fabric in which an annular loop of yarn is erected on both sides of the fabric is generally composed of a flat stitch or a rib stitch and a loop coil with an elongated sinker loop. The double-sided terry cloth is thick, the terry is soft, has good heat retention and moisture absorption, and the surface finishing on one or both sides can improve the appearance and taking performance of the product. The loops on both sides of the fabric are composed of yarns of different colors or different fibers, and can be made into clothes that can be worn on both sides; for example, the loops on one side of the body are composed of hydrophobic fiber yarns, and the loops on the other side are used for loops on the other side. It is composed of hydrophilic fiber yarns to increase the comfort of wearing. Such fabrics are suitable for making bathrobes, "free-drying" diapers, baby clothes, and the like.

3,jacquard terry cloth: refers to the terry cloth covered on the surface of the fabric according to the pattern requirements, usually a single-sided terry cloth. Jacquard terry cloth is generally used to make underwear, outerwear and decorations.we are towelling fabric manufacturer,we can guarantee quality.

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