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What are the commonly used medical fabrics?

The following small series specifically introduces to everyone:

First, the fabric
1, pure cotton C21s*72*56 67" plain white fabric,we are medical fabric manufacturer and the best medical fabric manufacturer,you can know it.
1, use: the production of traditional hospital bedding, such as: sheets, quilt cover, pillowcase. It can also produce traditional surgical products for hospitals, such as: treatment towels, cloth, hole towels, laparotomy, tablecloths, etc.
2, characteristics: the price of the cloth is low, and the more whitening, the hospital used for a long time. But now most hospitals use oil green gauze fabrics for surgical supplies.
3. Yarn density: “C” stands for pure cotton, “21s” stands for the thickness of the yarn count. The larger the value, the finer the yarn count, the smaller the value, the thicker the yarn count. "72*56" is the number of yarns per inch of the warp yarn and the number of yarns per inch of the weft yarn (1 inch = 2.54 cm). 67" represents the width of the cloth is 67" (inch) or 67 inches * 2.54 cm = 170 cm (width)
4, pure cotton C21s*72*56 67" plain white fabric, can be made into other colors and other uses by dyeing the dyeing factory:
160 bleached flat cloth (production of medical bedding)
160 blue and white flat cloth (production of medical bedding)
160 green white gauze (production of medical bedding)
160 black and white plaid fabric (production of medical bedding)

We not only have professional equipment, but also a professional fabric production management team. We provide perfect products for our customers through scientific management and continuous improvement of technology. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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