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What fabrics are used in customs uniforms?

What fabrics are used in customs uniforms? Customs uniforms generally use pure wool fabrics, pure wool fabrics are flat, the color is positive, soft and natural, less sputum, feels elastic and delicate, and the fabric is tightly pressed by hand. After release, it can be quickly restored to its original shape, and the creases are not obvious.

Wool: It lacks the soft and soft feel of pure wool fabric. The fabric is crisp and stands out with the polyester content. Elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but it is not as good as pure wool. It is loosened after gripping the material and has almost no creases.we are towelling fabric wholesale and provide work wear uniform fabric,you can know it.

Anti-hair: The surface is neat and tidy, the hand feels smooth, rich and flexible, and the lines are straight and full. It is advisable to sew suits, Zhongshan suits and women's tops.

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