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What work clothes fabric is good Anti-static fabric

Anti-static overalls are protective clothing that must be worn in flammable and explosive places. The antistatic fabric is made from an antistatic fiber blend. Its electrical conductivity can meet the requirements of Japan's "Electrostatic Safety Guide".we are workwear fabric manufacturer and the best workwear fabric manufacturer,you can know it.

The fabric is durable and can be widely used by workers in the flammable and explosive gas, dust, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.

Easy decontamination fabric

The most important feature of the easy-to-decontamination fabric is that it is not easy to be stained by oil during use. Once it is stained, it is easy to decontaminate under normal conditions and easy to wash. Therefore, fabrics that are easily decontaminated are ideal for making work clothes that are frequently exposed to mineral oil and animal and vegetable oils.

Fire retardant fabric

"Praban" is a durable finishing flame retardant for cotton fibers. The British “Pulub” flame retardant finishing technology is the internationally advanced flame retardant technology. Fabrics finished with "Plu-Benz" can effectively prevent the spread of flame and protect the original properties of the fabric. The protective clothing made of the fabric has good washing property, no odor, safe wearing, comfortable and reliable, and can be widely used in metallurgy, fire fighting, machinery, forestry, shipbuilding, electric welding and other industries to produce protective clothing.

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Anti-microwave radiation protection fabric

Permanent anti-static, anti-microwave radiation, suitable for electronics industry, finance, securities, communications, aviation, radio, television station staff and surrounding traffic, life personnel, electronic equipment operators, computer users, pregnant women and other susceptible personnel, communication Radiation arms protection and other fields. The main mechanism of anti-microwave and radiation-proof fabrics is to shield harmful electromagnetic waves with metal networks formed by metal fibers.

Acid and alkali resistant fabric

The protective clothing made of this fabric is suitable for long-term exposure to acid and alkali liquids. It has good acid resistance, long acid resistance, high acid pressure resistance, and low acid absorption rate. It has good protection for the practitioners. It is widely used in the chemical industry to produce protective clothing.

Workwear lining application

One of the lining materials and the overalls of the overalls is mainly attached to the material between the linings. If it is necessary to describe it, we can compare it to the bone marrow. The effect is to ensure the beauty of the overalls, and to adapt to the body shape and body. The fit of the overalls, and the cover of the human body, to modify the role, but also to improve the wearing comfort, improve the use of the overall service life, and improve the processing performance.

The linings of the overalls are numerous in variety, and have various properties, a wide range of uses, and a wide variety of classification methods.

The first type: cotton, linen

Cotton lining: also known as soft lining. Mainly used in the middle and low support plain white cotton cloth, and feel soft and comfortable to wear. It is used for hanging noodles, waistbands, etc., and is suitable for the requirements of soft and hard thickness and thickness change in all parts of overalls.

Linen lining: There are two types of lining. It is a plain lining fabric with hemp fabric. It has very strong elasticity and hardness. It is quite powerful. It is also suitable for making Chinese tunic suits and custom-made overalls.

The lining on the burlap: the surface is slightly yellow, the specifications are thin, medium and thick. The main features are smooth, soft and flexible.

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