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functional fabrics China

functional fabrics China


According to different functions, people's functional requirements for fabrics include: light use requirements: such as machine washable (light, easy to wash), washable (fast drying, non-scalding, flat appearance, shape protection), casual wear; Safety and health requirements: such as comfort (moisture absorption, breathability, no itching, no cold feeling, etc.), harmless and healthy (antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-ultraviolet, magnetic heating, etc.), safe (heat resistant, cold resistant) , anti-pressure, anti-cosmic radiation and anti-corrosion, anti-static, flame retardant, etc.), green and environmental protection (no pollution to the environment, etc.).

Whether it is ordinary clothing (including people's daily wear suits, casual wear, sportswear, all kinds of uniforms and clothing for the elderly and infants), or special work clothing (including aerospace, marine development, electronic precision manufacturing assembly and forest , mining, civil engineering, etc.) have these two requirements.

Functional fabrics are available with functional fibers and functional finishing.

The functional fiber includes: modified fiber, such as modified in the raw material stage to obtain anti-pilling property, antistatic property, hydrophilicity, flame retardancy, etc.; modified in the fiber forming stage to obtain hollow fiber, special-shaped composite fiber, ultrafine Fiber, etc.

Far-infrared fiber containing new ceramic micropowder, heat-storing and heat-insulating fiber (which can absorb visible and infrared rays in solar radiation, and convert it into heat energy, and can reflect human body heat radiation), UV-resistant fiber (polyester with ceramic powder), antibacterial and deodorant Fiber, deodorizing fiber, heating fiber, magnetic fiber, and the like.

Functional finishing includes: comfort finishing, reflected in the aspects of ventilation, moisture permeability, lightness, smoothness, anti-static, hydrophilic, moisture absorption, quick drying, automatic temperature adjustment, etc. Hygienic finishing, reflecting its antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Protective finishing, reflected in flame retardant, UV resistant, radiation resistant and so on. Health care finishing, reflected in beauty skin, far infrared. Easy to store and organize, it is reflected in the anti-wrinkle and anti-mite function. Environmentally friendly finishing is reflected in the pollution to the environment.

Our business policy is: to survive by quality, to develop by products, to cooperate with credit and to win customers with service.

functional fabrics manufacturer told The company abides by the contractual commitment to product quality and various services, and is willing to cooperate with new and old customers to create a better future.

Company spirit: Innovation is the eternal theme, and transcendence is the unremitting pursuit.

Company purpose: credit guarantee, integrity-based.

We will serve the new and old customers with reasonable price, good reputation, strong strength, high quality products and most considerate service!

functional fabrics


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